USB-C w/ PD Rapid Disconnect / Reconnect Dell 9560

I have today received my Plugable UD-ULTCDL.

I own a Dell XPS 15 9560 with windows 10. All of the latest drivers have been installed, including DisplayLink. BIOS is thunderbolt-enabled. When I plug in my Plugable dock to the laptop, the plugable dock rapidly restarts on and off endlessly. I can occasionally hear the pinging as windows detects and loses a new USB device. The external monitor flashes on and off endlessly. So do all connected USB devices and charging. I have tested every combination including:

Running the dock with a single mouse plugged in and no external video output.
Running the dock with a single external output and no USBs plugged in.
Bypassing the surge protector
Uninstalling and reinstalling DisplayLink drivers
Deleting registry keys to reset display options for windows
Plugging in the dock after fully uninstalling the DisplayLink drivers and restarting the computer (hoping Windows might have another driver pre installed)
Plugging in the dock with nothing attached to the dock (only the power cable and USB-C cable) - in this case the charging experienced rapid disconnect / reconnect cycles as I could witness on my taskbar
Unplugging the dock to allow power to deplete then plugging it back in to try again.
Checking BIOS version now, but I am confident it is up-to-date

Simply put, the dock currently will not work even to charge my laptop reliably.

The only function that works to my knowledge is USB charging of external devices, when the USB-C cable is not attached to the laptop. I suppose it is currently a very expensive USB charger.



I have solved my problem by added an additional external power source to my laptop.

Is PD not available for my laptop model?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting! I see you also reached out to us directly via I have already sent my direct reply, please continue to reply only to my direct email to help keep all communication in one place.

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Plugable Technologies

Any update on this?

Thanks for the follow up!

The hub does not seem to power the laptop through the USB C cable. I believe in the product description, it mentioned my laptop would support power delivery, but without the power cable also attached to the laptop, these symptoms still occur. I have attached a screenshot of this in the product description from your website. However I note that in the chart, you have changed PD to unknown for my model since I purchased the product… !](

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting back (just a quick note, the previous poster is not a Plugable employee). Our last response to your direct email was on March 13th asking to adjust a wireless setting on your system and provide one of our PlugDebug files ( but as of today we have not heard back. Please respond to that email (don’t post the PlugDebug publicly) and we will determine the next steps from there.

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Yeah, Im just interested in buying the Triple Display Dock for my Dell XPS 9560 and wanted to check if there is any known issue. A few weeks ago I saw in the compatibility chart that my machine is fully compatible, however as Michael said its currently “Yes / Unknown / Yes”

Thanks, Barnabas

Hi Barnabas,

Thanks for getting back. The compatibility table was updated as the result of a few similar reports to Michael’s while we investigated the behavior (still ongoing) to help prevent frustration later on for any potential customers.



I’ve since attempted to run the debug, and emailed the resulting log. however, the debug ran for a few hours stuck on Compressing… so I’m not sure if the log will be complete.

Awaiting response.

I can confirm that for my specific setup, the system will not allow PD, and the native cord must be used. Not sure if this is isolated or not…

This is the system I am running:…

The issue still seems to occur with zero devices attached to the hub. Simply power to the hub, hub to the laptop. It happens more frequently as soon as I attached an external video source to the hub / launch a demanding application.


Hi Michael,

I can confirm receipt of the log file, and I have just sent my direct reply with the next steps.

Thank you,