USB-C ud-ca1 disconect randomly


This is my 2nd unit, I remember the first one worked for full day before beginning to not being able to power a powered off laptop (intermitently)

The unit is producing half a dozen different behaviors which I will try to understand and report on the patterns here.


Hello Mathieu, thank you for posting and I am sorry for the delayed reply to your case! We will be happy to assist with your docking station.

Whenever you have a moment, please let us know the various behaviors you are seeing and the laptop, monitor and peripherals you may have connected and we can do our best to assist from there,

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies


It seemed like it would start disconnecting when charging above 80% or so.

Right now I’ve switched the cable to another one and it’s at least charging my laptop without any issues.

I think I got that cable from Nexus 6P

It seems to only have the USB hub working when using that cable

I’ll investigate more using other cables.


Hi Mathieu, thanks for the reply. When you were experiencing the disconnecting above 80% charge, were you using the USB-C cable that came with our docking station?

Interesting regarding the behavior with the cable that may be from the Nexus 6P. Not all USB-C cables have the same functions so it can be difficult to say if a specific one will work without examining the specifications online, and even then we can’t always guarantee it would work with our dock. The USB-C cables must support the power delivery, video and USB standards for USB-C and why we generally recommend using the cable that comes with the dock for best performance.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies