USB-C Triple Docking Display DVI all of a sudden not working

MBP 2016 15 inch with OLED
OS Sierra 10.12.6
USB-C Triple Docking Display UD-ULTCDL (purchased Dec 2016)
DisplayLink driver v. 82262
using all 3 monitors (4k HDMI, 2k HDMI, and DVI)

I’ve been using all 3 monitors (4 in total including MBP screen itself) since December 2016 without any issues until yesterday. DVI attached monitor stopped working. MBP does show all 3 monitors as being plugged in, but DVI connected monitor stays black. I did not do any upgrades that day (OS or other software)

I have attempted to resolve in the following ways, none were successful.

  1. Full shutdown/restart of both the computer and the dock quite a few times, and usually waited 10 minutes to replug in the dock to be sure it fully shutdown/reset. Unplugged and replugged all peripherals attached to the dock as well just to be sure

  2. Replaced DVI cord with new DVI cord

  3. Tested monitor itself by plugging in one of the HDMI cords, display worked fine

  4. Plugged the DVI cord into one of the other monitors that was working with HDMI plug, and that monitor did not work.

  5. Uninstalled driver v.82262 and installed latest driver v.85514, did not fix (I have gone back to the original driver that was displaying to all 3 monitors).

So, it seems like even though MBP is sensing the DVI connection, the DisplayLink Adapter isn’t sending an actual video signal anymore. Again to be clear, I didn’t recently upgrade anything, as far as I can tell nothing changed to cause the DVI signal to all of a sudden stop working. I’m definitely aware of the history with this dock having issues with OS Sierra but for 9 months it was working great for me.
Anyone have same issue where DVI connection/signal stopped working? Thanks up front for any help/suggestions!

Hi Robert,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us via GetSatisfaction as well as via direct email. We appreciate you working through so many great troubleshooting steps, and getting a number of the individual isolation steps we normally attempt to use out of the way!

Based on the description of the issue, we would like to send out a pretested replacement to see if this resolves the issue. We have emailed instructions for obtain the address and Order ID Confirmation, whenever you have time to respond!

Thank you for being awesome,
Product Owner & Technical Support