USB-C Triple Display Docking Station and Macbook Pro late 2016 with Touchbar

Hi there,
i have ordered the new MacBook Pro late 2016 with Touchbar. I want to add 2 external displays to my macbook (2x1920x1200). Is this possible with the USB-C Triple Display Docking Station at the moment? And if not how probable is it that it will be working within the next month? Do you recommend buying you docking station for that purpose? For me it would be ok to add just one display for a while if I would knew that the other will be working with a update.
Thanks in advance.

Best, Max

I have the very same question. Please provide an update.


Hi Vincent,

We replied to Max via email, so thanks for the prompt for an update here as well.

The summary is a bit complex – the hardware is compatible but there are driver issues in Sierra which prevent us from recommending the UD-ULTCDL with the new MacBook Pros for most users until these issues are resolved.

Regarding the driver issues, there are some remaining bugs that need to be sorted out by Apple and DisplayLink (who make the USB graphics chips and drivers that power the 2nd and 3rd displays in this dock, and our other USB graphics docks and adapters).

We’ve outlined the known remaining bugs in the blog post below:…

Once these issues are resolved and we’re able to recommend this dock to MBP owners with confidence, we will certainly update our Amazon listing and the product page to specifically note MacBook Pro and Sierra compatibility.


Are there any updates on the driver issues?
The latest entry in the blog post mentioned above is a couple of months old.

I also use the 2016 Macbook Pro 15" with Touchbar and have issues with the displays. My two extra displays come on after sleep, but the Macbook remains blank unless I unplug the USB-C and plug back in.

Hoping for an update on bugs.


What kind of displays do you have connected to the dock? I have two Dell Ultrasharp U2412M that I would like to use.

I am currently using two Samsung Model: LS24D300HLR/ZA monitors. I posted two pictures of what it looks like before it goes to sleep and after I wake it up

Before monitors go to sleep


After trying to wake back up: (I have to unplug and plug back in to make it turn on.


Hi Scott,

Appreciate the details and sorry to hear of the behavior. I believe disabled-built-in-display-on-wake on some systems is on DisplayLink’s list of known issues.

Some users have reported better overall behavior with the macOS 10.12.4 betas, though we haven’t yet confirmed this. If anyone wishes to give it a try, it’d be great to hear about the experience.

Once the .4 update is officially released, we’ll certainly be doing our next Sierra blog post update to reflect the state of things.


So apart from that the internal display doesn’t automatically wake up, would you say that the dock is working OK?

Yes. The dock works fine. I like it. As you can see from my pictures below, I have it set up in a triangle pattern and the mouse movement between screens is nice and everything else seems to be responsive. I was looking at the new horizontal Henge Docks, but they are spendy. I have been happy with this unit. Especially for the price. I hope that helps.