USB-C to DisplayPort Adapter Cable does not wake Monitor

When connecting HP Spectre x360-15-bl112dx to LG 27ud68-w monito with Plugable USB-C/Thunderbolt to DisplayPort Cable, the monitor does not wake from sleep; using LG provided Hdmi-to-Hdmi cable, monitor does wake with no issues, although restricted to 30Hz (Plugable Thunderbolt cable good for 60 Hz)? Have provided model and serial number details to Marc as requested.

Hi Everyone,

David was able to reach out to us directly via out email address, and after working through a number of troubleshooting steps, he was able to determine that the two individual USB-C ports on his docking station did not allow the same exact features to be utilized when connected.

He was able to follow the HP manual for his system, move the cable from the bottom USB-C port to the top USB-C port, and then connect his AC Adapter to the bottom port, and all devices woke from sleep correctly.

If anyone else has any similar questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us directly at, and we would be more than happy to assist.

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