USB-C Not Working With Logitech Keyboard (Non-Unifying Receiver)

My new USB3-HUB3ME works fine with my Logitech keyboard/Receiver when plugged into a USB-A Port on my HP i7 laptop, Win 11. But when I plug it in with the USB-C port the receiver is recognized in Device Manager, but nothing I type on the keyboard works, or if it does it is VERY lagging, sometimes several seconds before key stroke is registered. BUT-If if apply a little force rocking the receiver back (toward the Network Plug) it works fine… The ethernet port is also being used and it works fine using either USB-A or USB-C. Anyone have any ideas? I have TWO of these USB3-HUB3ME devices and both of them work the same way. I’ve swapped cables, etc. no joy.

Hi Jeffrey,

Welcome to the Plugable forums, glad to have you on here! With wireless devices such as wireless mice and keyboard they operate in the 2.4Ghz band. When connecting the receiver to any USB 3.0 port there is potential for interference that can affect the devices performance. It appears that with this specific set up we may be seeing additional interference when connecting via USB-C rather than USB-A.

There are some potential steps that we may be able to take via troubleshooting. I’d like to move this support over email, can you contact us via email using the link down below that will take you to our contact page. When submitting a email please reference ticket “411947”.


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