USB-C Multiport Adapter with DisplayPort

Is there a USB-C multi-port dongle/adapter that supports at least 1 USB-A port, 1 DisplayPort (regular or mini), and 1 USB-C PD (charging passthrough up to 60W)? I know that the Thunderbolt Docks have this functionality, but I’m really hoping there’s a cheaper alternative.

Hello Kevin, thanks for posting! Unfortunately, we do not offer a USB-C multi-port adapter that is equipped with a DisplayPort output port. We do offer our USBC-MD101 adapter which is equipped with an HDMI 1.4 port, but you would be unable to connect from the HDMI port to a DisplayPort input on a monitor.

I apologize that we cannot be of more help.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

That’s okay I’ve been struggling to find anyone who produces this. I mainly want DisplayPort for the ability to output 4k@60Hz. But I’m realizing this may be a USB 3.1 Gen1 Bandwidth limitation issue. Is this sort of adapter possible with USB 3.1 Gen2?

Hi Kevin,

Appreciate the additional info! The answer to this gets a bit into the weeds.

DisplayPort uses physical “lanes” for its signaling. More lanes=more video bandwidth. A 2-lane DP 1.2 implementation will only provide up to 4K@30Hz – and a 4-lane configuration is needed for 4K60. In an Alt Mode device, these extra lanes are obtained by re-purposing the pins used for USB 3.0/5Gbps transmission. So you gain extra video bandwidth, but lose the ability to send and receive USB 3.0 data. (You still have the ability to use USB 2.0, since there are dedicated pins for that.)

So this is what leads to the device choices you’ve seen on the market; manufactures can choose to configure a device that does 4K60+USB 2.0, or 4K30+USB 3.0.

(4K60+USB 3.0 is possible, but only with Thunderbolt 3 host systems and devices.)

Hope this helps!