USB-C hub compatible with iPad?

TLDR; Are USB-C hubs compatible with iPad Air through the use of a Lightning adapter?

I have an iPad Air that I want to connect to various devices using a USB 3 hub. While I _could_ use Apple’s USB 3 Camera Adapter and any one of your powered USB 3 hubs, I’m wondering if instead it’s possible to use your USBC-HUB3P hub with a USB-C to Lightning adapter? Would that provide both power and USB devices to the iPad? Or would it fry the iPad, or otherwise not work?

If that’s not possible, might it work as a regular USB hub with Apple’s USB 3 Camera Adapter and a USB-C to USB-A adapter?

While it wouldn’t charge the iPad in that setup, I still like its small form factor and aluminum design.

Another way to phrase my original question: Can USBC-HUB3P be used as an alternative to Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter?

It would provide 3 USB ports instead of just 1, and vastly reduce cable clutter compared to the standard setup.


Thanks for asking Joakim!

Unfortunately we don’t do any major testing with our USB hubs and iPads. However, knowing how Apple Lightning and USB-C Power Delivery standard work, we would not expect the USBC-HUB3P to be compatible.

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies