USB-C Dual HDMI Adapter - monitors switch off every 20 minutes and laptop won't shutdown successfully

I have a USBC-6950-HDMI with 2 x Dell monitors and the network cable plugged in. This is attached to a HP Envy laptop.
Every 20-30 mins the screens go blank, and all windows go to laptop screen, as if the unit has been disconnected from the USB-C socket.
The USB unrecognised message is displayed in the windows 10 alert tray and if the USB-C plug is disconnected, the laptop sometimes freezes and crashes (only a forced shutdown with power switch resolves this issue).
Sometimes the laptop will stay on but unplugging and pluggin back in the USB-C plug does not bring the screens back to life.
When I try and shutdown the laptop, the machine never switches off and the power button is then needed again to shutdown the laptop. Once the laptop is re-started the screens work again…until the next time.
I don’t believe it to be a hardware fault as I have another HP laptop for work and the screens work fine in this configuration for hours and hours.

I have tried using the displaylink cleaner and re-installed the drivers.
I have also disabled the USB suspend on sleep in the advanced power settings.
Please help…it’s driving me crazzzzzy!

Hello Andy, Thanks for posting and I am sorry to hear of this issue you are experiencing with our adapter. Based off of your description and the troubleshooting steps that you have completed we will want to examine some log files from your system to determine what could be happening. To do so, please download and run our diagnostic utility PlugDebug --> with the adapter connected and send the log file to our support email address at with ‘Ticket Number 291261’ in the subject line. We’ll match everything up then examine the logs to determine next steps.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies