USB-C dock, HDMI-VGA, monitor incompatible?

Hi, I have the following Plugable USB-C dock: Plugable USB-C Docking Station with Power Delivery / Charging
I also have a packard-bell monitor (VGA), and a Dell laptop to connect. I’m trying to connect the three but the monitor displays the NO SIGNAL message. How I’m connecting them:
Laptop -> original USB-C cable -> Plugable
Plugable -> HDMI to (female) VGA adapter -> VGA cable -> monitor
This results in ‘no signal’. However, I have tried the following setups to try to isolate the issue:
Same Laptop -> same Plugable -> HDMI cable -> different monitor (that accepts HDMI) [works fine]
Same Laptop -> different Plugable (Triple 4k) -> same HDMI to VGA -> same VGA cable -> same monitor [works fine]
Different Laptop (with VGA port) -> same VGA cable ->same monitor
From this it seems like no part is on its own ‘broken’, just the combination. Is there a compatibility issue?

Hello Nikhil, thanks for posting! We also received a direct support ticket from you via email and we will want to keep all communication to that medium in order to facilitate log file transfers. I will update this forum thread once we know more.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies