USB-C > Displayport cable out of stock


I’d like to order 2 plugable usb-c -> displayport cables for my and a colleague’s macbook pro 2016 model. has it in stock but won’t ship to The Netherlands and the german, french and uk amazon sites don’t have this cable in stock. None of these sites give an estimate when they expect new stock.

Is there any way i can order this cable?


Hi Leon, thanks for posting! Since the release of the new MacBook Pro we have seen a huge influx in sales for our USBC-DP cable. So much so that we are having difficulties staying in stock, as you are experiencing. At the time of responding to this forum post, our system displays some units are in stock at here -->

I am sorry that we couldn’t be of more help!

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies


Hi David,

Thank you for the quick response. Glad to hear the site has them in stock now.