USB-C 4K - HDMI monitor not detected


I’ve been using a 3 monitor setup on a HP Laptop for sometime
now and it’s working well.

I 've just purchased an Alienware R12 computer running Windows 11
and downloaded the latest Displaylink drivers.

Two monitors are connected to the Display Ports and seem to be working
fine. However the monitor connected to the HDMI port is not detected.

Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.


Hi Ian,

Thank you for contacting Plugable! Sorry to hear of these issues.

Looking at the specs for that Alienware R12 and it looks like the USB-C ports do not support Alt-Mode for connecting displays.

The UD-ULTC4K docking station requires Alt-Mode compatibility from the host computer to use the HDMI port. I would expect the tow DisplayPort connections to work with this computer as they use DisplayLink technology that only requires USB 3.0 to connect a display.

Unfortunately there is no way to get the HDMI port for the UD-ULTC4K to work with this computer.

Please let us know if you have any questions,

Richard A
Plugable Technologies

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