USB-C 10Gb speed with dual 4k/60Hz?

I want to buy dock. But I need to know what is the maximum speed my SSD Samsung T7 will have with a 4k 60Hz dual monitor connected? It will work in the max speed 10Gb?

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To answer to your question, it ultimately depends on whether or not your computer supports Thunderbolt 3, or just USB-C. The USB-C ports on the back of the TBT3-UDC3 dock only operate at up to 10Gbps if the host supports Thunderbolt 3.

What is the specific make and model of your laptop? We’ll be able to confirm these details and better assist from there.

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It is a pity that you did not understand me. I have wrote about usb-c port in the TBT3-UDC3.
OK, I’ll describe in more detail.

  1. Connect TBT3-UDC3 to Macbook via TB3
  2. Connect power PD 100W to TBT3-UDC3
  3. Connect dual 4k 60Hz monitors to TBT3-UDC3 via DP and HDMI
  4. Connect Samsung T7 SSD to USB-C 10Gb on the TBT3-UDC3
  5. Run Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.

question - What speed I will be have on the 5 step if directly connected SSD got me speed read 1000MB/s and write 800MB/s?

Thanks for the additional details here.

I do understand that you’re asking about transfer speeds through the USB-C data ports on the TBT3-UDC3 dock. However, in order to answer that, it’s important to know if your laptop supports Thunderbolt 3, or just USB-C.

The reason why is that the USB-C data ports operate at up to 10Gbps when connected to a Thunderbolt 3 host. However, for USB-C only computers, these USB-C ports operate at up to 5Gbps. Therefore, this detail is important in answering your question about write speed via the USB-C port on the dock.

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I have MacBook 16" 2019. It all ports have TB3(Thunderbolt 3).
I need know real SSD speed, not the theoretical one.

Thanks for clarifying there! MacBook (non-Pro, Retina) models did not have Thunderbolt 3 ports, so I just wanted to be sure.

We’ll run a test in our labs and get back to you with our results. Thanks for your patience.


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It is amazing of your. I have Macbook Pro 16 inch 2019 with 4(four) Thunderbolt 3 40 Gbit/sec.
Are my abbreviations of the name so incomprehensible?

We used our USBC-NVME enclosure and an SSD based on the Phison PS5012-E12 controller connected to our TBT3-UDC3 dock alongside our MacBook Pro 16".

With two 4K 60Hz displays working, our Blackmagic test results averaged 890MBps read and write.

While we can’t guarantee the specific speeds you would see through your Samsung SSD, I hope that helps clarify some real world test results.



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