USB-BT4LE Firmware

I have an embedded device running Android 4.3 and a 3.4 kernel. I am trying to get a USB-BT4LE device running. Seems to start and then abort because it can’t find the firmware. Where can I get the firmware for this device?

Hi Michael,

Thank you for posting your question. Unfortunately, Android has no support for this adapter, and we aren’t expecting any Android-specific firmware to be released. A proprietary firmware file is available for Linux, but no source code.

I wish I could give better news, but basically, this device is not supported in Android.

Plugable Support


Thanks for the response. I would take a firmware file for Linux. I don’t need anything that works perfectly for Android right now. I just need to get it running for some basic testing. The bluedroid app used by Android is looking for a firmware file and bombing out when it doesn’t exist. If I had something to load, I could get past this point for now.


Hi Mike,

Here is a link to the Linux firmware:…