USB Audio Adapter with Logic/Ableton


Hey, I have a small synthesizer that only has a 1/8" headphone output jack (it’s an OP-1), and I’d like to record it into Logic or Ableton. Can I use the Plugable USB audio adapter for this? Will it work as a USB audio interface in this way?


Hello Tyler,

Thank you for showing interest in our products. If you are talking about running either of these companies software (on Windows, OS X or Linux) I do not see a reason why this would not work. If you talking about an Abelton mixing board or other similar hardware, this will not work. The audio adapter also cannot record in stereo (just in case you are wondering).

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Oh, I thought it was TRS input and could capture stereo tracks? I will just be running the software, and wanting to capture my audio through the audio adapter.
My synth has a lot of stereo effects, so capturing a stereo image is important.
Dang, I already ordered one through Amazon!
Can you recommend any other tiny USB audio inputs that would capture stereo tracks?


The TRS design is to accommodate modern PC headsets and microphones (they are laid out this way to save production costs rather than sourcing two different jacks…) but it is still unfortunately mono/1 channel.

It is kind of a pain to find something like this if you have a limited budget. It seems like a sound card with an external box is the way to go. This way you can use the RCA inputs for your 2 channel recording and use a 1/8 inch to RCA cable.

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