USB-AUDIO: 48 KHz or 44.1 KHz?

I know that the USB-AUDIO uses the C-Media HS 100B Chip, whose specs say that the sampling rate is 48K / 44.1KHz. My question is which one is it? 48 or 44.1? Is there a way to specify? Does it depend on something else? Thanks

Hello Dean,

I sent you the below response directly via email a few days ago, but I wanted to post it here as well just in case you or another Get Satisfaction user needs guidance on this question:

The sample rate can be customized to your preferences.This can be done either through your operating system settings and possibly in whatever audio recording software you might be using.

If you need assistance in customizing the sample rate, please let me know what operating system version you’re using as well as any audio software you might be using, and I’ll send instructions on how to change that setting.

Thank You,

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