USB Adapter conflicting with Dell or Sony?

Just installed plugable Bluetooth USB adapter to my Dell Studio XPS. Although it does show up in device manager, my wireless headphones do not seem to pick it up (Sony MDRXB950BT) . I did a scan on my phone for BT signals, and I get a message on my phone saying unable to communicate with Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth mini card. My goal is to connect my wireless headphones to my laptop. Any help is appreciated.

Hello Mark,

Unfortunately Windows does not manage multiple Bluetooth devices well, and if it detects multiple adapters, they will end up conflicting with each other and failing to function.

It sounds like you have a Bluetooth adapter already built-in to your laptop that is conflicting with ours (a Dell Wireless 370).

The best bet generally is to get the built-in Bluetooth working, providing drivers are available. If it is not possible to get the built-in Bluetooth working, it is usually recommended to disable the built-in adapter in the system UEFI/BIOS interface.

If you are unable to resolve the device conflict, could you run our diagnostic program? It will gather device information and installation logs that will help us to troubleshoot.

To do this, please have the adapter plugged into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:

Once you get the file, please send it to and use the subject line “For Ticket #173353”.