USB 3 support with Linux

It would be really awesome if you had support for USB 3 / DVI / HDMI in your docking stations for Linux, or more specifically Ubuntu.

I work and always take my laptop on the go and my dock. I can easily setup in any office and use extra monitors.

I am sure many professionals have a workfllow like this.

Hi Ryein,

Thanks for posting! Our USB video adapters and docking stations are based on graphics chips from DisplayLink, who also write the all the drivers. Plugable officially supports Linux on many of our products, but we do not offer official support for Linux at this time for our USB 3.0 graphics adapters.

That said, DisplayLink has recently released a beta driver for Ubuntu 14.04 on their website –>…. Before proceeding, please keep in mind the driver is still very much an early beta and multi-monitor support on Linux can be challenging. DisplayLink has a list of knowledge base articles with known-issues and more here:…

Should you encounter difficulties using the driver I would recommend posting directly in DisplayLink’s Linux forum here –>… as they are soliciting feedback directly from those who elect to run the beta driver.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

This is really good news. I didn’t know this beta existed. I will let others know as well.


You are very welcome Ryein!

Have a good day,