USB 3 PCIe Card shows caution (Splatted) in Device Manager

Just installed ‘Plugable’ card in PCIe1 slot. Lights on and is seen in ‘DM’ but had caution sign and devices plugged in to it are not seen (Even in Disk Management) but ‘USB 3.0 Root Hub’ Statement (seen in instructions) is missing from DM

First setup was installed as per paper instructions but it was not seen in DM. Zip files seem to have updated ‘SetUp’ so ran that and it was in DM Plugged my 500GB GoFlex in and it just flashed and was not seen. Removed it from card and plugged int USB2 port and it showed in both My Computer and Disk Manager. but it also immediately started running it’s own driver for a USB 3.0 add-in card.

Card Properties in ‘Device Manager’ shows Driver as AS of 12/10/10. Mini Driver CDE shows Rev. 1.3

In 'Programs & Features it shows as NEC Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver NEC Electronics Corp 2/10/2010 1,01MB

System - Dell 645s 3Core 2.1GHz with 6GB DDR2 VISTA hpSP1

How do I get it to work correctly with USB 3 drives I also have A 2TB WD My Book external BU disk. Which also only shows up in a USB2 port.

Hi Oren,

Let’s make sure the drivers are installed correctly. Here’s a link to download the installer:

Once it completes Device Manager should show the device installed with no warnings. If you’re still seeing the exclamation point can you say more about the error? What error code is it reporting?

Let me know these additional details and we’ll figure out next steps.
Thanks for your question,

Plugable Technologies

Good deal. after updated driver (which I would have tried but couldn’t find), completed Device Manager showed both :
Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller
Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Root Hub
No Cautions or splats.
Drive is now copying files/folders at anywhere from 13 to 38 MB/s. with the sort USB cable which came with the drive. (thought is should be closer to 100MB/s.)

NOTE: Bought a new 4’ USB3.0 cable (to run to the front of the computer) which when I plugged it in with the USB3.0 drive said " this device could perform faster if connected to a USB 3.0 port. Meaning the cable really wasn’t USB3 compliant, as it was running files at only about 2MB/s.