USB 3 card will not work with clickfree backup drive.

Installed USB 3 I/O card in PCI express slot and plugged in spare power cable. PC is running MS Vista and it detected the card after installation. I installed the drivers on the CD (and later from this website) and it seems to install just fine. However… when connecting my Clickfree USB 3 backup drive it will drop connection and backups fail. It seems to have trouble communicating with the device. The backup drive works 100% normally when using a USB 2 cable plugged in the the USB3 card -or- to one of the motherboard USB 2 ports. The drive also works when using the USB3 cable is plugged into a USB 2 port.

But again… there are all kinds of issues with clickfree backup drive when I plug the drive using USB3 cable into the USB3 card!

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support, we’ll be happy to help. Because USB 3.0 is still maturing, performance between devices can some times be less than expected. It’s often the case that firmware updates resolve issues, and since you’ve done the driver update for the PCI-E card, is it possible to update firmware on the drive?

Also, in order to narrow it down, can you find another USB 3.0 device to test the PCI-E card? And, of course try the Clickfree on another USB 3 port on another system (if possible).

If you’d like, I’ll do more research on your drive model, I wasn’t able to find a Clickfree USB 3 Backup drive manual so if you have a link to one, post it here and I’ll be happy to take a close look.

Thank you very much,

Plugable Technologies.

Thanks for your quick response Jerome! Actually I did quite a bit of troubleshooting - even installed a card from a different manufacturer which did not help. I found the solution by installing the card into different PCI express slot. Everything works normally now!

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the update, glad to hear you found a solution.

Happy New Year!!!

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