USB 3 7 port hub - blue lights flashing

Hello - I have a USB 3 7 Port Hub that I have connected into my Router and then the USB ports are plugged into three seagate external hdd drives.

Normally - when I power on my router - all three seagate USB lights turn solid blue and stay solid blue - but recently - the blue lights are flashing - on and off.

I am able to basically connect via the router network to the USB connected seagate drives - but performances is very slow. When the Plugable hub has solid Blue Lights - speed is very good.

Is there a reason the blue lights would ‘flash’ when connecting a USB device?

Please advise. Thank you

Thanks for reaching out!

This is definitely not normal behavior, and I’m surprised you’re able to achieve a connection with the drives at all. At this point, given the behavior, I’d recommend stopping your usage of the hub to mitigate any risk of corrupting data on the hard drives.

I suspect this is a defective/failing hub, and we should look into a warranty replacement. I’ll follow up directly to confirm some details.

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