USB 3.0 Video Graphics Adapter support greater resolution than laptop hdmi

I have a laptop that can only support a maximum of 1920x1080 output via hdmi. I have a widescreen monitor 2560x1080 that I would like to use with this laptop. Would the plugable display adapter allow me to connect at 2560x1080 resolution?

Hi Christy,

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We do have graphics adapters that should work well with a 2560x1080 display, our UGA-2KHDMI USB 3.0 to 2K HDMI Graphics Adapter ( ) should be well suited for this task. This graphics adapter does require USB 3.0 and the installation of the DisplayLink software and drivers available here ( ).

If you would like to let me know the manufacturer name and model number of your system I can let you know if it will be a good fit with our graphics adapters.

We recommend USB graphics adapters for desktop productivity applications as well as web browsing, video playback on the USB graphics adapter may not be optimal and we do not support gaming.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Hello Christy,

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