USB 3.0 version of external video card

The USB video card currently runs on USB 2.0 When will the USB 3.0 model come out?
Obviously the 3.0 USB slot is much much faster for handling graphics.

Hi Adair - Thanks for posting and asking!

Yes, USB 3.0 external video cards are coming, expected late this year.

USB 3.0 will be a big step forward, lifting the lid on the throughput limit of USB 2.0 (from USB 2.0’s ~330Mbps practical to USB 3.0’s ~1.5Gbps practical). It will also introduce some hassles (shorter, thicker cable; USB 3.0 hubs which are still maturing).

As solid USB 3.0 chipsets for non-graphics functions (host controller, storage, hub) have come out, we’ve been building our USB 3.0 product line (see ) so we’ve obviously been following USB 3.0 very closely. USB 3.0 is really compelling - much higher performance, a relatively small cost delta, and the key feature that every host and device can be backward compatible with ubiquitous USB 2.0.

So the question is when the first USB 3.0 graphics chipsets will come out. We’re closely tracking this progress, and will hope to launch our products early in the cycle - but we’re also keeping our eye on holding off until any major hiccups that could impact customers have been ironed out.

So it’s not possible yet to predict dates, but we’re expecting all these stars to align before the end of this year, and we’re looking forward to offering the much higher performance that USB 3.0 provides!

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Any update on Plugable’s USB 3.0 graphics adapter progress now that the DisplayLink USB 3.0 chipsets are out and about?

Hi Paul,

We don’t have anything to announce just yet – but a USB 3.0 graphics adapter is definitely in the works for the near future.

Thanks for asking!

i have an old PCI-E videocard and look for any solution to use it as an external one via a cheap USB 3.0 adapter… for use only at home (my notebook model is Acer Aspire 3830T-2414G50nbb 13.3" 1.85 kg without any discrete onboard videocard, and i don’t need to play modern computer games outdoor)… Are you engaged in this?

Also looking for a USB 3.0 docking station. Would like to support 3.0 one USB connection to DVI and 2 usb 3.0 secondary monitors to DVI. Very interested in the launch of this product.

Many people are moving to multiple monitors on a laptops for business. Hope you come to market soon!!

Hey Paul,

Anymore information you can share on a release date for the USB 3.0 external graphics adapter?


Hi Everyone,

We’re working on it, but we don’t want to tease with any announcements until we’re very close to having devices on sale (and thus are very confident about dates). So while we hope to be among the first to sell, we won’t be the first to announce.

I’d suspect though that you should see announcements from lots of brands of USB 3.0 adapters at CES 2012 (starts Jan 9th). I’d look for news and clues about ship dates then.

Sorry I don’t have anything meatier yet. Subscribe to our RSS feed if you’re interested in getting announcements when they happen.

Thanks for going out of your way to ask!

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

One mor question…
Would we need an extra Linux kernel driver for USB3.0?


Hi Disi,

Yes, that will be an important consideration of the new USB 3.0 generation – DisplayLink’s DL-3x000 chips use a wholly different protocol that is not compatible with the udlfb driver that’s in the Linux kernel for the current USB 2.0 generation chips. If/when the DL-3x000 chips are supported, it will be with a new driver.

DisplayLink hasn’t made any specific announcements yet about Linux support for the USB 3.0 generation chips, so we can’t speculate on timeframes.

As always, note that all graphics devices must live within the current limitations of Linux and X for extended desktops spanning different graphics controllers, especially on different busses and with different capabilities. Even with a driver, it’s not like Windows yet.

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Thanks for the update Bernie! I have one last question. Can you please let us know if the USB 3.0 cards will support DisplayPort video output?


Hi Brad - thanks for asking. Yes, the we (and others) will have USB 3.0 adapters that support DisplayPort output. But you’ll likely see them in a 2nd wave of products, with VGA / DVI / HDMI (which are larger markets still) coming first.

Hey Bernie,

I thought I would have heard something by now on the first wave of products hitting the market. Any news on when this will happen?


Hi Everyone,

The first of several Plugable USB 3.0 generation DisplayLink-based products is launching today. Here’s more information ……

We’re excited about this new adapter, and it’s ready and shipping now. Please let us know if you have any questions at all. Thanks for your patience while we worked to make sure everything was solid and right.


I don’t have problem with all that! Everything is fine

I have a L2245W screen from HP connected with DVI-D. Is it compatible?
Sorri but there are many different DVI type… better to know compatibility before…

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Thanks for Bernie’s useful information. It is great.