USB 3.0 to HDMI 4k question

Hi, I know that this adapter has a 30 Hz limitation at the moment. Is this an issue that can be corrected in the future by firmware updates? Or will it likely stay this way? I’m aiming for 60 Hz


Adding the ability to do 4K@60Hz is not simply a matter of updating the firmware. It would require new versions of the DisplayLink chip as well as a new HDMI transmitter chip.

Ultimately 4K@60Hz via USB will not be possible in the near future. DisplayLink has not yet announced a chip with these specifications, and the supporting chips (like the HDMI transmitter, etc) will need new versions also, and these supporting chips are also not available at this point.


Ok thanks. Do you think 2016 will likely see all the necessary things for such an adapter?

Didn’t see there was a follow-up on this post - sorry about that!

Too soon to say whether or not 4K@60Hz over USB will be doable in 2016. Nothing has yet been announced by DisplayLink, so I’m guessing they will be the gating factor as their USB graphics chipset is far and away the most complex part of the equation.