USB 3.0 plug-in no sound with Dell Latitude 5450

Hello - I just purchased your pluggable USB 3.0 docking station from Amazon and when I installed it I lost my sound on the laptop. The sound does work with a Bose portable speaker but not on my laptop. It must be able to work on the laptop. What do I need to do for this to work.
Note- I also filed a separate ticket related to my monitors which I have 3 plus the laptop monitor and the laptop monitor is not independent. I emailed your support directly for this problem. Please reply back with your solution to the sound. I anticipate a separate email reply regarding the monitor situation.
I have already supplied a diagnostic file number under ticket # 289998 Please reply back as I need to know whether I should return and get another product that will provide the capabilities for sound and multiple independent monitors including my laptop monitor.

I solved my problem with the sound issue without assistance. Please address the monitor issue under ticket 289998 that I filed via email.

Thank you

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