USB 3.0 I/O card not working with 1TB seagate goflex.!

MARK 7 hours ago

i got the same issue (…)
with plugable laptop card and seagate go flex 1TB (with 3.0 usb cable)
i have HP PROBOOK 4530s
The seagate works fine with 2.0 ports, but when i plug the express card and attach the power cable(to one of the 2.0 ports) that came along with it, it does not show up. my seagte beeps continously after which the LED on seagate keeps flashing.
Tried 2.0 pen drive with this card which works fine but not the external seagte. Everthing seems to be fine in the device manager. I waited 3months for this from my dealer only to know that there is some stupid firmware issue . why has not this been FIXED yet???

Mark !](](

Hi Mark,

Thanks for posting your question here. We’ll be happy to help. The first thing to check is that you have the latest driver for your USB laptop card.

Here’s the link:…

Once you’ve verified that you are up to date, shutdown your machine, connecting everything while the power is off. Make sure that the card is fully seated and the drive is connected to the card and then power up.

lf you still have the problem with the drive beeping then we’ll want to try the drive with another USB 3.0 port and if possible, try another USB 3.0 drive with the Laptop card. Is this possible?

Let me know what you find, if there’s no improvement or no other equipment we’ll figure out another option.

Thanks for your patience,

Plugable Technologies

Hi Jerome

I updated the drivers to latest with the link above but no luck.!! My drive still malkes the same beep sound. Unfortunately i cannot test any other 3.0 device, dont have one. I tried both ports with 3.0 drive but nothing works. I am using win7 x64 home premium. I am stuck with huge data and so need this to work. Why this is not tested before even this is out on counter??
Check screenshot for USB 3.0 Controller :


Hi Mark,

Please forward your Amazon order id to If there’s no way to test your drive on another USB 3.0 port, we’ll have to try another approach.

Once we get this additional information, we’ll figure out our next steps.


I have received this from my seller with my laptop. I do not have the amazon order id. Also I am a NON-US based consumer. Where can i get this replaced? He did order this from US as a part of his consignment. Can I expect international support for this.? I already have paid for this now ! This really annoying and frustrating.


Hi Mark,

I’ve emailed you directly.


Hi jerome

Ive mailed the serial to