USB 3.0 hub with UASP support

The reason I have a hub is because I have a lot of USB devices, but I have to resort to plugging them directly into my PC in order to get UASP support for the U3 docks I have. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any USB 3.0 hubs that have UASP support, so you’d have that whole niche market to yourselves :slight_smile:

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting. To get the performance benefit, UASP (USB Attached SCSI) must be supported in the SATA drive dock, on the host controller, and in the host software stack.

To hubs, all of this is transparent – everything related to UASP is happening at a higher level that the USB 3.0 hub is just passing through.

So on a system supporting UASP (e.g. Windows 8), you should see very close to the same performance with and without a USB 3.0 hub (within a few %). Are you seeing different results?

I saw one note on Mac (not recreated here) that Mac OS was choosing not to load the UASP kext with some combinations of hardware. I’m not sure what’s going on there – let us know if you’re on Mac and we can try to look into why it would do that.

Let us know if anything doesn’t match up or we can help in any way.

Thanks again!

What I’m seeing is the Asus software (AI Suite, where you can set a USB 3.0 device to be either normal, turbo, or UASP) doesn’t even recognize a device that I plug into my USB 3.0 hub. When I connect it straight into the back of the motherboard, it sees it and I can set it to UASP mode. I just assumed the hub was the problem and didn’t support UASP at all.

Hi Scott - OK, great.  On Windows 8, USB 3.0 support is built in and UASP is always enabled. Windows 7 doesn’t support USB 3.0 natively, so the behavior is controlled by the 3rd party USB 3.0 host controller stack. It looks like you’re using one from ASUS.  Are you on Windows 7?  I’m not sure how the ASUS stack behaves - it may be that they don’t support UASP through hubs in their host controller software.  Has ASUS made any statement on this support and how it compares to Windows 8 (and Mac OS X 10.9)?   Thanks!

Windows 8.1 here, actually.

Thanks. Windows 8 and 8.1 have the same USB 3.0 and UASP support (with the note that Microsoft continues to release updates). Thanks.

I’m guessing it must have something to do with the way the motherboard deals with USB hubs. There’s a pretty stark difference in speed between plugging a drive into a hub, and plugging a drive directly into the board.

It looks like there are other hubs on the market that advertise UASP support. Two examples are the Vantec UGT-AH700U3-2C and the Koutech IO-HU434.

Have any of the Plugable USB 3.0 hubs (such as the 7 port 60 watt model) been tested for UASP compatibility (assuming OS and driver support) with various host systems? If so, what has been found to work or not work?

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