USB 3.0 hub with switchable power on/off


In our company, we’re trying to connect multiple USB 3.0 cameras to one computer and switch them on one at a time. This means a USB 3.0 hub with software switchable power on/off.

This earliler question has a reply that says Pluggable USB 2.0 hubs work but I’m not sure if that covers Pluggable USB 3.0 hubs. Does anyone have experience?…)


Hello Alper,

Thank you for contacting Plugable Support! We’ve only done some minimal testing on individual port power with our hubs and got our USB 2.0 hubs to function with it.

I also tried the USB 3.0 hubs, but the results weren’t very reproducible, sometimes the port would switch off, sometimes it would not.

I could give it another try, but please know that this would be a limited test on a single machine.

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Could you give some more details on your setup? Was this Windows 8.0 , Linux ?

Also can you tell which chipset is being used for the USB 3.0 hub and if there’s a datasheet for it?


Can you also elaborate on which product have you tried?


We’ve tried our USB2-HUB10S and USB3-HUB7-81x under Linux(Fedora 20) using hub-ctrl:

I am not aware of any similar program being available for Windows. Our USB 3.0 hubs all use VIA chipsets. The current revision of our USB3-HUB7-81x uses the VIA VL812 Rev B2 chipset.

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