USB 3.0 HDD Docking Station no longer being recognized by computer

I just reinstalled Windows 8, and it appears that my Plugable USB 3.0 HDD Docking Station is no longer recognized by my system. I’m only using it with USB 2 (this desktop doesn’t have USB 3), and have tried several different cables and ports. Any help you could provide would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Travis,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be able to help. Our USB SATA docking station… doesn’t need any extra drivers (it uses the usbstor.sys driver already built into Windows).

So we shouldn’t need to worry about a driver install after Windows is re-installed.

I’d recommend double checking power (that green LED on dock is lit – power is plugged in and power switch on), that the SATA drive inside is well seated, and USB 2.0 connection to the Win8 machine is good.

And I’d go back to the classic Windows desktop when you plug in the SATA dock, because only then will you see any pop-ups from Windows if any errors are happening.

After double-checking those things, if things still aren’t working, just email us at (include a link to this thread for context) and we’ll dig in deeper to figure out what might have changed at the time of the Win8 upgrade.

Thanks again!