USB 3.0 + Gigabit Ethernet for Photography Tethering ?


My name is Luis Muñoz, a professional photographer based in southern Spain (Europe)

I would like to ask the Plugable Forum if it would be possible to connect a Nikon D810 or similar to a computer, through its USB 3.0 port first and then convert this signal to Gigabit Ethernet through an adapter like this for example:

If the RJ45 connection is powered by a POE switch (injector or splitter), the stability of the signal from the camera to the computer could perhaps be guaranteed.

The idea with this would be to obtain a more stable tie connection and at the same time be able to cover more meters of cable without falling or disconnecting in the Tethering session.

I ask you why I need to solve this for a particular Time Lapse job in which the distance from cameras to the computer is several tens of meters and the 3-4 cameras will be in a place of very difficult access.

Any ideas, experiences or alternatives?

Thank you.

Best regards

Hello Luis,

Thanks for reaching out to us and considering Plugable for your needs! Unfortunately, I do not believe our USB Ethernet adapters would be a good fit as they do not support Power Over Ethernet (POE). I apologize, as I’m not familiar with the kind of setup you’re looking to achieve, so I don’t have any suggestions for an alternative I could recommend with confidence.


Plugable Technologies