So I bought a GMYLE USB 3.0 Express Card 34mm, with it I also bought a 34mm Express card to usb 2.0 adapter(my laptop does not have express card slot) It came with an XECXG Disc for installing Drivers, although none of the drivers worked. The reason I bought this product in the first place was to get a USB 3.0 Slot on my laptop to use my elgato HD60s because it only works with USB 3.0. Im having trouble with getting my express card to work… Been 2 days and I just really want it up and running with no problem this is really getting on my nerver thought I thought it would work fine when I bought it. I also am running windows 8 if that may be the problem? If anyone could help that would be great.

Hi Virx,

This is the support forum for Plugable. We have no affiliation with GMYLE, and we have not manufactured a USB 3.0 XHCI controller card in many years. (Many companies link to our download page because we still have the most recent Renesas drivers posted and easy to find.)

If you’re having an issue with a GMYLE device, they will be the best ones to offer you support for the device.