USB 3.0 dual display Docking station does not stay connected to Surface Pro 2

I take my Surface away on a trip and when I return and connect it to the Plugable Docking Station which was left on while I was gone, it appears to connect. Then just when I am working on one of the attached monitors I hear the tones and the external monitors go blank, I get the message that the USB printer and ethernet is not connected.
I must say it feels like the cable from the Docking Station and Surface is the problem. The connection to the Surface seems to rock in the socket. Usually I am moving the mouse when it disconnects.
I did follow the instructions about installing the display drivers and thought that was going to fix the issue, but it still comes and goes. Since I started this post, I unplugged the USB cable from the Surface, then unplugged the power from the Docking Station. I checked all the connections, plugged the USB cable into the Surface, then plugged power into the Docking Station. A message appeared saying the displayport driver was being installed. The printer has disconnected once, but everything else has worked as intended since then.
Maybe the solution is to turn off the Docking station until it is connected to the Surface, then give it power. I hope so. I will post if this does not take or in a day or so to say that it worked.

I walked away for a minute or two and came back to flashing screens and chimes of USB connect/disconnect. The wind is howling outside but I don’t think it shook the connection. I used the mouse and the screens blanked again… They are flashing so much now, it is hard to get this posted.

I have now updated my Intel display adapter to version, one beyond the on the support document (Download the (version driver package). So far no blanking screens. I sure hope this works.

Wishful thinking. It is back to blanking screens for no known reason.

Blanked all screens in middle of podcast…twice.

Hi Dickey,

Thanks for posting. I’m sorry the docking station is not working properly with your Surface. I’d be happy to help!

Thank you for all of the details you have provided about the symptoms you are seeing. Based on all that detail it does sound like there is a loose connection. If I am reading your description properly, the end of the USB cable that seems loose is the end that is plugging into the Surface, correct? I just want to make sure it is not loose in the USB port on the dock itself.

Would you happen to have another USB cable to swap in (say one from the printer) just as a test? If the cable is bad we can certainly send you a replacement, and hopefully it isn’t the port on the Surface that is loose.

Please send us an email at with ‘Ticket 93802’ in the subject line and we can get a pre-tested replacement cable and/or pre-tested replacement docking station sent out to you as soon as possible. Please include the Amazon Order ID number for the dock and your preferred shipping address.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

After testing several configurations. I moved the location of the docking station to the same level as the Surface Pro, plugged it in and it has worked as expected for the last 2-3 hours with nary a blink.

For the benefit of anyone else following this thread, we have sent Dickey a pre-tested replacement dock to ensure the hardware itself is not at fault. I will update this thread with any relevant details once he had received the unit and had a chance to test it out.

Plugable Technologies

It is up to the old tricks…periods of working and then blank screens and disconnects. Today I heard it happen from the next room twice. Makes me question my vibration theory for a faulty USB connection. I will look forward to trying the replacement unit. And report on it asap.

I switched out the cable with the pre-tested replacement one as soon as I returned on April 1. As of today performance has been perfect. No drops, no blank screens, just working. I have a printer(USB), speakers, Ethernet, two monitors and a venusT4U(USB) connected to the dock. Everything is turned on and working.
Thank you, Bob. I am putting the replacement dock, and old cable in the mail to you today.

Hi Dickey,

Thanks for getting back and letting us know the results. I’m glad the replacement is working properly.

Let us know if you need any help in the future.