USB 3.0 docking station UASP support


I would like to use Plugable USB 3.0 HDD docking station with an UASP-enabled host. Does it ship with USB-attached SCSI protocol support or is/will a firmware update be necessary?


Hi vroomski,

Thanks for asking about UAS support for the USB3-SATA-U3. The LucidPort chipset in the Plugable USB3-SATA-U3 Hard Drive Docking Station does not support UAS and there are no plans for future support.

Sorry I don’t have better news,

Plugable Technologies


Thank you for responding this quickly…and saving me a headache later.
Others also may find the information on LucidPort website misleading, regarding UASP support for the controller chip in question:
BTW, your product page links to that information.
Thanks again.


Hi vroomski,

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll have another look at the web materials.