USB 3.0 Docking Station - No Power


I just set up the docking station and it initially had power. Once the drivers installed or were installing, the power did not come back on. Any ideas?


Hi Bryce,

Thanks for posting. I’m sorry your new docking station isn’t working as expected. I’d be happy to help!

The first thing to check is that the power adapter is securely connected to the back of the dock and that electrical prong adapter is fully seated in the wall adapter itself, and the entire wall adapter unit is firmly connected to a known good electrical outlet. If the dock is receiving power you should see solid blue light on the front of the unit.

Can you double-check the physical connections, possibly try a different electrical outlet and let us know the status of the power LED?

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies


Completed the above and still no power. I had power in the beginning but after about 2 hours, it went dead. Tried other outlets as well, still no power.


Hi Bryce,

Thanks for getting back with the update. It sounds like the unit itself is faulty. Please send us an email at with ‘Ticket 122749’ in the subject line and your Amazon Order ID number and the serial number from the docking station (located on the bottom) and we’ll get the process started to send you a pre-tested replacement.

Thank you,



Hi, Bob.

I am concerned that I have the same problem. I have 2 of these (USB 3.0 Docks) units - one for my wife, the other for me. Both worked great - great product. Except, one just stopped working - no blue light, no activity or connectivity. Of course, I checked power connections. I need to add that the power source for the unit comes from a reliable UPS - clean and stable power going to the unit so I have very high confidence that no power surge or other power related issues would have caused damage. Unit simply stopped working. Bought both units from Amazon. The other unit still working like a champ. Please help.


Hi Tony,

Thanks for posting. Given your description, one thing to check is if switching the power adapters from each unit temporarily helps. If it does we’ll know the power adapter is at fault and get we’ll get a replacement out to you. If not, we’ll know the issue is with the dock itself and will proceed accordingly.

Just let us know the results by sending an email to and please include your Amazon Order ID number (please don’t post that publicly) and we’ll go from there.

Thank you,