USB 3.0 Display adapter flickering.

I have installed the USB to HDMI adapter to add a third screen to my laptop. The monitor did work the first day i installed it, but the next day it started to flicker on and off. I went through uninstalling and re-installing the drivers with no results. Please assist, thank you.

Edit: also, occasionally, the monitor with flash “Mode not supported”, if that helps at all…

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be able to help.

It’s interesting that it worked at first, but trouble started on the 2nd day. It could be a software problem that only got triggered on reboot (e.g. an update that got applied later) or a hardware / connection issue.

If you can run DisplayLink’s support tool and email the .zip file it generates to us at, we’ll be able to see what might be going wrong. Here’ how:…

With that, we should be able to figure out next steps. Thanks for your patience while we get you up and running!