USB 3.0 card and Intel Boot Agent v4.1.21 Slow boot time.

Just installed the USB 3.0 card in a Win 7 Lenovo Desk machine. The card was hard to install as the board does not line up straight with the metal bracket. I did finally install it OK. The problem is now when I boot up the Intel Boot Agent pops up finds a MAC address and really slows down the boot process. The Card works fine with the plugable dock and is fast enough, but no matter what I do with the boot order in the BIOS the Intel Boot Agent slows down the boot up time. This did not happen with the Buffalo 3.0 card (Buffalo has other problems).

Thanks for posting! Let’s try to figure out what’s happening.

Intel Boot Agent is primarily for enabling booting a PC from the network, rather than your own hard disk. It apparently has a driver loaded early in the boot process, and probably scans PCI and USB for devices, which may be where it has trouble - this is one more PCI card, with the USB 3.0 topology below it.

Are you using the network boot feature at all? It would be interesting to test with Intel Boot Agent disabled, to see if that does resolve the isuse. Here’s how:… (if boot agent support is in BIOS on your machine, you’ll want to disable from BIOS).

Are you able to try that?

Short of doing something with Intel Boot Agent, there is no other software running other than BIOS at the time it sounds like the delay is happening, so our main hope is in a setting there …

Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply Bernie,

Boot agent support was in the BIOS. I was able to fix the problem by turning off the Network boot device. You were right that it must scan for PCI and USB devices and was trying to boot from the plugable card in error.

Works Great Now!


Wonderful - thanks for letting us know the outcome. Glad to have you up and running!