USB 3.0/2.0 SATA Hard Drive Docking Station USB 3.0 Disconnects and/or Powers Down

Just received a new unit today (Wednesday 9/21). It works with USB 2.0, but disconnects and/or powers off when attempting to run as USB 3.0.

Further details…

Running Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 on two computers:

On a desktop PC with an ASUS Rampage Formula III motherboard the drive (sometimes) is recognized and accessible, but, even on those occasions when the drive is accessible, it only stays running for a matter of seconds, no more than a minute or so max. Then it disconnects and disappears from the listing of available drives. Further, the drive usually also powers down, with the green light going out.

On an ASUS laptop (model N53J) the dock appears to work fine in USB 3.0 mode.

Have already (successfully) updated the firmware per your instructions here:…

However, the problem is the same even after the firmware update.

The dock appears to work fine in USB 2.0 mode on both PCs.

Have reviewed various similar threads in support. You may want to know that other USB 3.0 hard drive devices function fine on the same ports.

Do you have a solution?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you!


Keeping in mind that I’d already reviewed various other posts here in support before posting this new support request: After additional testing this is definitely a hardware issue, as now the unit fails to work even using USB 2.0.

Would you please contact me directly via the email address that I provided?

Thank you,


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your patience! If a write fails in USB 3.0, it can tie up the filesystem. So it’s be good to do a reboot and see if USB 2.0 starts working again, just to confirm.

Then on the USB 3.0 side, it’s great that you have two systems, one working one not: we’ll be able to look at the characteristics of the USB 3.0 host controller to understand what’s different (what USB 3.0 host controller chipset, firmware version, and what driver version – driver on Linux being the USB 3.0 support already in kernel).

We’ll reach you on email to figure this out. Thanks again!