USB 2 devices and power from a USB 3 hub?

I have had issues as of late with my desktop and plugging in many usb devices. The ports on the computer are 3.0, and daisy chained powered USB 2.0 hubs are going in to the port.

Unfortunately, I’m getting the dreaded “not enough usb resources” error with this.

Would using usb 3 hubs help this situation power wise even though the devices are usb 2?

What about using a USB 3.1 pcie chipset instead? This error is driving me crazy!


Sorry to hear about this issue. In short, USB 3.0 hubs won’t help, they will make it worse, and a USB 3.1 card likely won’t help either.

The best recommendation might be to add a basic USB 2.0 card to connect some of the devices to.

For more details on this issue see:…

Best wishes!