USB 2.0 Wireless Audio Adapter does not stay on

Any idea how to keep the receiver on when it is running on external 5V power?

Setup was surprisingly simple for my laptop that boots Windows Vista and Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora). Sound and range are plenty good for my use, so I bought connectors and AC-to-5V power to connect the little white box to an old stereo amp and speakers that still makes good sound. It all works great, but ---- Every time I turn the computer on I need to retrieve the little white box from the snake pit of wires behind the stereo. It won’t stay on. Using a clamp to hold the button pressed won’t work (it goes into pairing mode).

Eventually I read the manual and found the bit about saving battery power, but saving battery is not needed when running on 5V. I don’t mind hacking the little white box. Is there a work-around to get rid of the power time-out?

Hi Reg,

Thanks for posting! Yes, unfortunately there is no “never sleep” setting for the receiver.

With AC power attached (using the optional power adapter at… or other matching 1A/5V power), the receiver shouldn’t sleep as long as audio is playing.

But you’re right that there’s no way to keep the adapter from sleeping when audio stops playing or the PC is off. And then it takes that press of a power button on the receiver to wake it.

The request for this kind of functionality is good feedback, and there are a number of things we’re considering for future revs of the product (including bundling the power adapter). We’ll definitely push this up on the list.

Sorry we don’t have a happier answer for now. Thanks again for posting!


I am following this question, hoping to be notified when a future rev of the product addresses this issue.

Hi Reg, Thanks for following up! We will post any news about this feature here. Just to set expectations, the timeframes for any product updates is definitely months, not weeks. But feel free to ping anytime. Thanks again!