USB 2.0 VGA adapter not working. No Power light.

Hello. I just hooked my USB 2.0 VGA adapter up to my new computer (Windows 10 desktop) and it is no longer working. It worked fine with my Lenovo laptop (also Win 10).

When I plug it in, the green power indicator light flash intermittently, and the computer screen flashes on and off, recognizing the second monitor every other second or so. Then after blinking maybe seven times, it just goes off and wont work. If I unplug the adapter and plug it back in, I can reproduce the problem. I tried restarting the computer with the adapter plugged in, and the green light will stay on throughout the boot process, but once I get to my desktop, it goes off.

Any help would be great.
Thank you,

Thanks for getting in touch!

This is strange behavior, and I’d like to see logs from your system to try and understand what’s happening. Could you contact me through mentioning ticket # 224384 that I’ve opened for this issue?

We haven’t heard back from you, so I’m hoping you were able to fix the issue. If that isn’t the case, please contact us at for assistance!