usb 2.0 to Ethernet for audio interface?


CAN i use usb 2.0 to Ethernet adapter/interface to connect presonus audio interface to my network?


I’m not sure which product in particular from PreSonus you are referring to. Usually in the documentation for specialized hardware there will be notes regarding compatibility with USB devices.

That being said, if USB Ethernet adapters are mentioned in the documentation for your device, usually there will be mention of a particular adapter or chipset that is compatible.

The chipset used in our network adapters can all be seen together on this page —…

Here are all the chipsets used across our five network adapter products:

ASIX AX88772
ASIX AX88178
ASIX AX88179

If the documentation does not explicitly mention which chipsets are compatible, it would be best to contact PreSonus to see if any of those chipsets are compatible.

I hope this helps.