USB 2.0 to 1000MB ethernet adapter issues - crashing Win7 64-bit

Has anyone reported issues with USB2-1000 ASIX AX88178 crashing Win7-64bit? Running on a Core2-Quad Intel cpu on ACER AIO machine. After 40-50 minutes of streaming the whoe system shuts down abruptly. Removing the USB adapter and going back to wireless does not have the same issue. New drivers available? Any ideas to prevent this product from being returned?

Thanks for posting! We don’t have any known issues right now with crashes on Win7 - the ASIX drivers have proven quite stable over time. But machines can be different in terms of software that interacts, so we definitely want to find out what’s happening on your system.

When Win7 crashes, it leaves crash dumps in the \windows\minidump directory. Do you see any *.dmp files there. And if so, could you .zip up the minidump directory and email to us at ?

We’ll be able to look at the minidumps and hopefully identify some clues as to the cause.

Thanks again!