USB 2.0 Microscope zoom

Hi folks…
How is the x250 magnification achievable on this microscope?
The 5mm x 5mm base grid measures 50mm x 50mm on screen (MacBook pro Res 2560 x 1600), that’s X10.
I can export the image (which I really don’t want to do) and blow it up in separate photo editing software to a ‘usable’ (beyond which the image becomes unusable) 250mm x 250mm on screen, that’s X50. This would also be problematic for timed photos and video.

I’ve read posts about only achieving X50 due to Windows or Linux issues, is this that or is this all that can be achieved.

***Edit: when placed directly on the surface of an object I can achieve X50 within the camera software, but the image doesn’t stand magnification beyond that in other software, so still max X50 for a clear image.

I’m set to 1600 x 1200.

Am I missing something?

Also, it seems to go to sleep and the only way to restart is to enter settings and change the resolution which then switches the light back on. Seems odd.

Thanks for asking!

There are two usable focal points when the clear shield is touching the object being viewed. The first is around 50x, but if you rotate the focus ring further, it will go out of focus, then come back into focus at around 250x.

Software doesn’t matter here at all, we don’t advertise magnification based on any digital trickery. 250x is achievable no matter what software package you’re using for capture, as long as that package allows the full 1600x1200 resolution.

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