USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter stability issues?

I’m having some odd stability issues on my custom-built desktop PC.With your USB 2.0 E1000 Ethernet adapter hooked up,I get random Windows freezes and blue screens of death.(I think they might be related to driver issues,although I’m not sure.)

Unplug the USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter(and switch back to my onboard Realtek ethernet adapter),and the issues quit happening.
I would really like to continue using your USB 2.0 ethernet adapter,so a little help would be appreciated.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your post, we’ll help how ever we can. The best way for us to see what’s causing the blue screens is to get a look at the .dmp file that windows creates when it crashes. If you are on Windows 7 you can find it here:


Get the latest one or two and send it to us at along with a link to this thread and your Amazon Order Id and we’ll take a look.