USB 2.0 docking station - Monitor and Printer spontaneously stopped working

I have a USB 2.0 160-A docking station that worked fine until last week. I have a HP dv6-3250 running Windows 7 Home. The keyboard and mouse still work fine but the monitor and printer do not. I have tried all the cables, dowloaded the latest drivers, etc and can’t seem to get them to work.

Hi wjbreslin,

Thanks for posting your question here with Plugable Support. We’ll be happy to help! First, let’s separate the problem into two pieces, the external display and the printer.

To isolate the printer issue, can you plug it in directly to the HP dv6-3250 and have it work? What happens if you switch the mouse and printer USB ports on the Docking Station?

Regarding the external display, is the DisplayLink Manger software running? Do you see the small blue square icon in the system tray near the clock? If you click on it and select UD-160-A, what option is selected? Is set to extend, mirror or off?

Let me know what the outcomes of these couple of steps are and we’ll figure out next steps.