USB 2.0 Docking station and USB 2.0 UGA MDA not working together, everything goes black.

I have recently purchased a new laptop, HP Envy x2, and hooked it up to my USB 2.0 Docking Station. I am running Windows 8 for OS and at first everything worked after installing new drivers. I wanted to add a second monitor, for a total of 3 including LPT Display. I used a Plugable USB 2.0 UGA Multi-Display Adapter for this. If I only have 1 monitor hooked up it works, but plug in both and the screens all go black and the only thing that you see is the mouse cursor. Any suggestions?

Hi Craig,

Thanks for posting your questions here! HP Envy x2 utilizes Intel’s Atom chipset. The issue there is that you’re hitting the total desktop space limit for Intel Atom chips - the total space includes your laptop screen and the external monitor. So in theory if you lower the screen resolution enough on your external monitor and the native screen, you may be able to get another external monitor to come up. But unfortunately this is an Atom chipset limitation and not configurable via DisplayLink. Sorry about that!


Ellen - I am facing the same issue with my 2 monitors. However, in my case things were working fine for a few days when I attached 2 monitors to my laptop. Only after a few days, all of a sudden, I could not use 2 monitors together. Both screens go black when hooked together. Each of the monitors work fine individually. Is this still the case of lack of desktop space limit in my laptop chip? What is the solution to this? I am assuming if things worked in the past, it should work again.