USB 2.0 Display Adaptors - How do it get the dight display to the right screen?

I just purchased tow USB 2.0 display adaptors. I will be doing a training program using two projectors. I would like to accomplish two things.

  1. Use PowerPoint displaying presenter notes on laptop and presentation on both screens. Not sure how this should be set up to work.
  2. Using other program would like to display same thin on all screens.

Question 1 on how to have Presentors View on latop (display 1) and Presentations on projector - displays 2 & 3I figured out the PowerPoint.

So in different terms - how do I duplicate latop (display 1) on both 2 & 3? I admit that this is the firt time I have used / tried multiple displays.

Hello Keith,

You should be able duplicate 2 out of the three displays. If you need to duplicate or clone your desired display to three or more monitors you need special equipment since this is a set limitation from the operating system.

Kind regards,
Plugable Technologies