USB 2.0 display adapter has a green light, but there is no display

We used this in our office to share our display upon four screens.
We are running on basic lion on a mac mini. It worked in our old office but in our new office it is not working.
The only things that have changed is the wifi network we are using.
What is the problem?

Hi Carolyn-

Thanks for contacting Plugable support! We’re sorry things didn’t come back as you expected after the move.

Please correct me if I’m wrong in understanding that we have a Mac Mini running 4 displays: just want to make sure I’m clear the “share our display on 4 screens” bit.

As a first step, can you please check System Preferences, Displays, and let me know if you’re seeing all 4 displays there? Also, please let me know if you’re using “Display Mirroring” to show the same thing on all 4 displays, or if you’re using "Extended Displays’ to have different things on different monitors.

Thanks for contacting plugable, and please let us know so we can get this sorted out!

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett

I forgot to mention: sometimes this is as simple as unplugging the USB cable going from computer to plugable adapter for 10 seconds or so, and plugging it right back in. If that doesn’t work please let me know what you see in System Preferences, Displays.



I am having the same issue. The unit is on and i can see three screens on my display settings but nothing is showing on my tv screen. I have a dual monitor setup and im trying to use this unit for my tv as the third screen using UGA HDMI and nothing is working. But if i just use the regular monitor cable it works but it lags when trying to drag websites do that screen or play video clips.