USB 2.0 digital microphone does not power up

USB 2.0 digital microphone does not power up. the device alerts when I plug intio PC, but I cannot find it, or get the light or camera to function.

Does not show up in This PC folder either.

I am legally blind and bought this to help me read small print, envelopes address, etc. I also have a greenhouse and was hoping to use this to identify pests and envoironmental isses.

Thanks. latewood

Hello Latewood,

Welcome to the Plugable forums! I can certainly assist you with setup for our USB 2.0 Digital Microscope! To get started with using our microscope I would suggest to download our “Digital Viewer” application which will detect the microscope and function as a viewfinder.

Another way to use the microscope is to open up the “Camera” application within Windows, this is an application that is built into the operating system so you should have this preinstalled.

Once either of these applications are opened the light on the Digital Microscope should turn on, you may need to adjust the grey light dial to the right in order to increase brightness.

If you happen to have another webcam on your computer we may need to change which camera is selected within the application. In Digital Viewer select the “Gear” Icon > Device Setup > Device.

I will also leave a link to where our application “Digital Viewer” can be downloaded.​

It is normal behavior that when plugged in for the device to not show up in any folders although it will show up as “Digital Microscope” in Device Manager.

I hope this information helps and let us know if you need any further assistance setting up the microscope!


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Thanks. I am not sure I will use the app you have but, going to “Camera” worked. It worked so well infact, that once I had plugable working, I was able to in one click change back to default camera. Very nice.

Thanks. I bought this as a reading aid. After testing it; It would be OK for Ag applicaiton but, very useful and well worth the price ro allow me to see fine print on documents.



I am glad to hear that the microscope is working well. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions.


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