USB 2.0 Bluetooth Adaptor wont install.

USB 2.0 Bluetooth Adaptor wont install.

Windows 7 - both the CD and WIDCOMM download links fail:

WIDCOMM error (from download):

CD Error:

Can someone just provide the “barebones” driver install? The computer im installing on isnt connected to the internet, and i think the program automatically fails if you aren’t. Please help anyone.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for posting about your Bluetooth adapter. I’m sorry you are having difficulty installing the driver software.

The download link does check for your OS and the downloads the appropriate software from the internet. However, the software on the CD should be complete.

So I think there is another issue besides the lack of internet connection, possibly connected to other drivers already on your computer, or something with the Windows Bluetooth software stack.

We have a program that will help me find out what the problem might be. It downloads the install logs and shows the existing driver files.

With the adapter plugged into your computer, could you please go to this page and follow the instructions there:

It will gather the information and put it in a zip file on your desktop. Please send that to us at our email address: